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Create a virtual office with a legal entity registered with BPO'S PANAMA

Develop global business operations in a secure virtual platform located in the multimodal logistics center of global reach in Panama. THE DIGITAL BUSINESS RESIDENCY will provide each investor or company accepted:

A Legal Identity under the modality of a limited liability company, with all the rights and duties of the Republic of Panama. It includes the respective authentication and legal personality to carry out transactions, procedures and all kinds of legal commercial operations, from and to any part of the world. With the option to contract or operate BPO, KPO and ITO services. Exempt from taxes on income and on the distribution of dividends on profits generated abroad. Allowing all types of legal business operations and transactions.

Single Registry of Local Taxpayers (Registro Único de Contribuyentes Locales)(Fiscal Residence). Part of the legal identity or legal status in Panama. Confirms and facilitates local operations.

A basic hosting plan at the BPOS PANAMA DIGITAL FREE TRADE ZONE Data Center: 2 vCPU – 4 GB of RAM – 100 GB of storage. Expandable capacity according to the client’s needs.  A dedicated point-to-point internet service for business is available upon request.

Registration of physical and virtual location in BPOS PANAMA DIGITAL FREE TRADE ZONE, with all the benefits of a company established in a free zone of the Republic of Panama.

Mechanism to verify the authenticity of documents and contracts.

Digital encryption.

Facilities to manage the company from anywhere in the world.

Opening and management of bank accounts.

Facilitate the payment of taxes, as applicable, in their respective countries of origin.

Free membership in BPOS PANAMA DIGITAL FREE ZONE B2B e-commerce platforms.

Protection against money laundering, terrorist financing, hackers and other illegal activities.

Electronic or digital signature.

Note: They require a Free Trade Zone Company License, issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.  Contact us for more information.

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