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Symmetric Enterprise Internet

Our service guarantees a stable connection to the Internet network, maintaining optimal communication flows, through ideal browsing networks. We will provide you with the security, trust and quality that you require for your business or company to be able to connect and navigate without interruptions.


By establishing a symmetric plan, the customer is the only subscriber with specific details tailored to the bandwidth. The difference to highlight between a symmetrical plan and a shared plan is that your connection will not be oversubscribed and thus there may be a guarantee in speeds, without variation of upload or download in them.


Browse without unexpected drops by having stable connectivity.


We cover the requirements of your company at affordable prices.


  • IP Transit links: With or without redundancy through a second independent path.
  • Bandwidth scalability, with links from 10Mbps onwards.
  • Protected and unprotected circuits.
  • Great diversity of technologies and interfaces:
    • Ethernet (up to 100Gbps)
    • DWDM (transparent 2.5Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps)
  • Virtual POP: Option of aggregation of several individual circuits at level 2 (SDH or Ethernet) to deliver it together in a single point of interconnection.
  • Diversity of terms and modalities of internet contracting
  • Metropolitan fiber optic services, nationally and internationally.


BPOS Panama Digital Free Zone, Provides swiftly and safely connectivity carried trough over 70.000 Km of fiber-optic spread along Latin America

Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia- Brazil - Ecuador - Peru - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile


Integración total en la red del cliente.

Full integration into the customer's network.

Uso exclusivo de la conexión punto a punto por el cliente.

Exclusive use of the point-to-point connection by the client.

Escalabilidad de ancho de banda en conectividad

Bandwidth scalability in connectivity

Redundancia con rutas existentes

Redundancy with existing routes

Opciones de contratación adaptadas a las necesidades del cliente

Hiring options adapted to the client's needs

Atención personalizada

personalized attention

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