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General questions

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What benefits does a company get by being part of a digital free zone

An environment specialized in information technology, dedicated and redundant telecommunication and internet services, data center services, redundant energy supply, informatic security system, operative support services, legal benefits through income tax exemption, dividend payment of earnings made outside the country.

How do you join BPOS Panama Digital Free Zone?

You must sign in and pass the Due Diligence – World Check One – by Refinitiv.

What benefits do I get with the digital residence?

Digital identity, legal status, opening and management of accounts, electronic signature, access to friendly nations’ visa programs, hosting for VPS servers, free membership for BPOS Panama’s B2B e-commerce platforms.

What business can sing up for a Digital residence?

Any business that wishes to export and import products.

For more info, you can contact us and we will answer all your questions.

What payment methods does BPOS Panama offer?

You can pay through bank transfer and credit card through the website.

Business Internet

High-quality connectivity for your business.

What's dedicated internet?

Is the service that guarantees your internet’s upload and download speeds because it connects from the IPS’s backbone to your office, using fiber-optic.

Is Dedicated Internet only for businesses or also for residences?

This service is for businesses, if you have further questions please contact us.

Can i increase or decrease my contracted bandwidth?

Yes, the bandwidth can be increased or decreased whenever the client deems fit.


What's a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

It’s a virtual private server hosted inside our data center, which you can access and administrate whenever you need to

How many VPS can i ask for?

You can ask for as many as you need.

Can i ask for a VPS with different resources?

Yes, VPS’s resources can be adjusted to better fit the li

How do i check my balance?

To check your balance you have to sign in to your BPOS Panama account (using your username and password), once you are in you can check your balance.